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Crisis Intervention
Vision and Mission
Directory of Officials
Centers and Institution
Programs / Projects

What is it all about?

The Crisis Intervention Unit is a special unit operating on a 24-hour basis, which serves as a receiving and action center for walk-in, referred, and rescued individuals and families in crisis situation. As such, it serves as a venue in providing integrated services that include protection and provision of immediate psycho-social services. It also provides accommodation or temporary shelter for a limited period of time.

Where is it located?

The unit is headed by a Head Social Worker and is manned with three to six social workers who are trained in counseling and take turn in rendering duty on a three shift. Also, it has a driver and a clerk. In the highly urbanized areas like NCR and Field Offices IV, VII and XI, more personnel are being deployed as there are volumes of clients seeking help and has a higher incidences of emergencies. Also, an extension office was created at the DSWD Central Office to cater to the needs of referrals from media, Senators and Congressmen.